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Some rights reserved - Gayatri Malhotra


By: Kerry Bell

Not fully formed humans, this you preach, so you can shoot us down in the streets
While wearing your police uniform; the blue is just a euphemism for white sheets

I cannot walk the supermarket isle
Without security suddenly appearing, where was he all the while
I cannot walk in my own neighbourhood without enduring the white gaze
You were all raised
To believe my skin is an automatic crime
Your untrusting look is a systemic stale rhyme

The mass shooters and serial killers, are all white men with rage
Unearned privilege has allowed them to roam free, when really, they belong in a cage
But somehow they all get taken in alive without a scratch
Yet unarmed black men get shot down, and then a lie is hatched

I can’t breath! Release me! Set me free!
Stop actin’ like you don’t know why we take a knee
Rosa, Martin, Malcolm, John ‘good trouble’ Lewis and even Ali
Showed us how to protest against systemic supremacy

Ancestors, the fight continues, I march on, I persist
I write, I record, I stand, I shout, I kneel, I resist

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