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Resist the Zeitgeist: Volume II

By: Andrew Scott

Welcome to Resist the Zeitgeist! Andrew Scott is a writer, musician, and poet based in Toronto, Canada. Resist the Zeitgeist will be a regular feature on Eklectish highlighting Andrew’s latest poetic works and anthology.

From where I sit…

From where I sit,
Not reclined, nor perched,
But supine on my analyst’s couch,

I yearn for the day,
When my malaise will go away,
And my self-confidence will be upright, and not slouch.

My behavior has been cognitively analyzed,
Because I found life not quite as advertised.

But thanks to Freud and his friends,
My self-doubt has come to an end,
In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I’m self-actualized!

In Boston…

(For S.M.)

In Boston you were the chutney to my samosa,
The Simon to my Garfunkel,
Like a goiter that has loitered,
You were the topical cream to my carbuncle.

You were the orange to my sherbet,
The Hoover to my Herbert,
Though you’re no avocado aficionado,
If we’ve got each other, we’ve hit pay dirt.

You are the absolute one and only,
With whom I’d gladly eat a stuffed Cannoli,
Creamy mascarpone, I felt like Al Capone,
Walking North End streets no longer lonely.

We’ve conquered Beantown and our T-dot,
Me in cords, you in a culotte,
No rest for you and me, next stop is NYC,
For laughs and love and whatnot.

Andrew Scott lives, writes and makes music in Toronto, Canada.

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