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Resist the Zeitgeist: Volume I

By: Andrew Scott

Welcome to Resist the Zeitgeist! Andrew Scott is a writer, musician, and poet based in Toronto, Canada. Resist the Zeitgeist will be a regular feature on Eklectish highlighting Andrew’s latest poetic works and anthology.

Ordinary People

Ordinary people pay their mortgage on time,
They make love in the mornings,
And in the evenings they dine,

Not on Profiteroles and shrimp cocktail,
But on ordinary food.

They discuss the ordinary problems,
Of their ordinary brood.

The parade of daily disappointment,
The banalities of life.

Pressures of conformity,
That are placed,
Upon husband, child and wife.

Ordinary people look to others as cautionary,
Because ordinary people are hardly ordinary.

Would you?

Would you turn on a dime for digs sublime,
If they came equipped with me?

Would you say to the world, “see ya,”
And hop in my Karmann Ghia and slip out after afternoon tea?

Make a hairpin turn and head out to the coast,
Would a future together keep you most engrossed?

Would you turn on a dime, whispering “Just in Time”
And throw your head back hollering, “Whoopee?”

Andrew Scott lives, writes and makes music in Toronto, Canada.

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