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Media creation has never been more accessible, and we have never had more content to consume. However, it seems that some of the most exciting, compelling, and interesting voices are being left unheard - whether lost behind paywalls, avoided by algorithms, or drowned out by polarized corners of the internet.

Eklectish encourages these voices who have something to say, to say it. A place for the unnaturally curious, Eklectish gives a platform for thoughtful people to create, and for critical consumers to enjoy and engage. Nothing is off-limits and nothing is too obscure - if it is compelling and truthful, it interests us. If someone else has a valid opinion or idea to the contrary, that interests us too. We want to know about the world from as many points of view as possible. We thrive on the diversity of human passion and perspectives. This is the core commitment guiding what Eklectish does, and bringing these points of view is our commitment to you. Whether you have something to say, something to learn, or something in between, welcome to Eklectish.

Special shoutout to Ryan Wiemer whose Gatsby starter here was indispensable to Developer Paul Andrews' work in bringing this platform to life.

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